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Being a boudoir photographer involves much more than just capturing and editing. As a Kalamazoo boudoir photographer my goal is to always empower women and ensure they leave my studio loving themselves a little more than when they arrived. A huge part of your self-love journey is doing just that… loving yourself. So how do we love ourselves? Keep reading to find easy self-care practices to integrate into your routine, but the less overwhelming version.

Becoming a Better You

It’s going to look different for everyone, but regardless of the practice you choose, it’s considered self-care. Starting a self-care routine can seem overwhelming if you’re looking to put in the difficult work to better yourself. Face masks and bubble baths are great self-care practices, but consider taking on some of the more mentally difficult self-care practices in order to push yourself to be a better you.

Be Your Own Best Friend

What would your life be like if you treated yourself the way you treated your best friend? Would you be more attuned to your wants and needs? Being your own best friend gives a new perspective to the way you treat yourself. Be generous to yourself, give yourself some grace, love and honor yourself. Do you ever put things aside to help your best friend? Well… that’s exactly what you should be doing for yourself. Be your own best friend and make yourself feel loved the way you make your best friend feel loved! Watch the transformation happen.

Get some alone time

Quality time goes beyond spending time with loved ones. Some of the MOST quality time is alone time. Alone time gives you an opportunity to rest and recharge. Refueling yourself allows you to give more to not only others but YOURSELF! There will be a million reasons why you can’t, but prioritize and focus on the reasons why you SHOULD. Caring about yourself the way you care about others will help to maintain a happy life.

Say NO!

How many times have you said yes, but knew in your heart you didn’t have the resources to back that up? You must have time and energy to say yes to things… which means you can’t say yes to everything! Saying no is SELF-CARE! Saying no is a skill that promotes confidence and strength along with appropriately dispersing your time and energy. Remember that you are just one person.

Rethink Your Self-Care Routine

If any of these are things that you’re not already doing but they resonate with you… it might be time to rethink your self-care routine. By treating yourself nicer, giving yourself the opportunity to recharge, and saying NO, you can greatly improve your own well-being. Doing so is going to make you feel BETTER and help you to be present for the ones that are most important (yourself included).

If you feel ready to rethink your self-care routine and take the journey to self-love, a boudoir session might be right for you. For more information please feel free to contact me here. If you’re looking for more inspiring content and to see more of my work follow my instagram page here. Let’s get to loving ourselves!



Self-Care Made Easy | Kalamazoo Boudoir

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