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Lets talk Money Honey

Money is well spent when it is spent to take care of yourself. Splurging on ourselves is not always an easy decision, though. When you work to save your hard-earned money to splurge (rather than spending and hoping for the best), it makes the decision a little easier. Investing in a boudoir session is more than just receiving gorgeous images that you can cherish, well, forever. It’s also about a journey to loving yourself, finding your highest level of confidence and then pushing beyond that to peace and tranquility in your life. It’s about how you feel from beginning to end, and well after. It’s ultimately investing in self-love. As a Kalamazoo Boudoir photographer, my biggest goal at the end of your experience is the ultimate self-love.

Why Save for Boudoir?

This is an experience that will help guide you to confidence, self-love, and regular self-care. It’s a reminder to do things for YOU, to invest in yourself, and that you are important. Remind yourself that you and your self-care matter and step into the boudoir experience. 

My purpose here is to give you easy, manageable ways to save up for your dream boudoir experience and ultimately change your mindset and energy around money blocks.

Beyond the Photographer

So here is a huge truth bomb Lets start off with I am not a cheap photographer. I also am NOT going to provide you with a cheap experience. My job goes beyond being your photographer. I’m a cheerleader, a teacher, a friend, and a support system. So many of my clients who are on the edge of full self-hatred have left their experience telling me that this experience has done more for their self-esteem than years of therapy has ever done for them. That is powerful! I’m here to boost you up, and to show you that you are amazing and powerful.

Money is Energy

Consider how much you’re spending on clothes, coffee, manicures, Amazon or other random things (no, seriously, add it up). What material things can you let go of? Are those things truly sparking joy? Are they bringing you closer to being the person you want to become? investing in yourself instead to see how much more abundance it creates.

Invest in Yourself

A lot of women have blocks with spending money on themselves. BUT every penny you spend on yourself multiplies. The more positive of a relationship you have with money, the more abundance your life will receive. When we block that flow of money and abundance, we are only hurting ourselves.

I highly recommend the book by Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass at Making Money. Look, I know how hard we all work for our money. Finding healthy saving habits not only allows you to save up for things and experiences that you want, but it promotes smart money habits and ultimately eases stress in our life. Money is a stressful topic for some but the more we educate ourselves on how to manage money and build a good relationship with finances, the less stress we ultimately feel. If that’s not self-love, I don’t know what is!

When you finally immerse yourself in the boudoir self-love experience, you will see all the good things multiply back into your life. 

So, here are some practical ways to get your dream boudoir shoot.


Cutting back can be hard to get used to and takes a certain amount of discipline. When you want something bad enough, though, you can quickly make the transition to cutting back on that daily Starbucks run (although no one wants to do that). Common things that people cut back on when trying to save is entertainment, dining out, and “want” not “need” shopping. Managing your money is not only great for saving up for the things you want, but it is a self-love and self-care practice. When we have our money under control, our lives are that much more under control. 

Boudie Bank

The Boudie Bank is your own personal Boudoir “piggy bank”. You can start your Boudie Bank at any time, which allows you to put money towards your desired products or product package. You can put any amount in at any time. There are no restrictions! 

For example, let’s just say you want to put $100 in one month, and then next month you want to put in $20, that’s your choice! You are in complete control

You also can pay towards it as often as you wish, so one day you can make a payment, then two days from then, make another. Totally up to you!

This built up piggy bank will be used towards your products after your session at your Image Reveal. 

The best part? If you have a balance remaining at your Image Reveal, that balance can be put onto a standard payment plan.

Or try out the “$5 trick”. This is a good tactic to do in addition to your smart saving habits. Every time you receive a $5 bill, whether it be from change, a gift, or if you got lucky one day and found it on the street – set it aside! It may surprise you how quickly $5 can grow!

Payment Plans

There are two options for this: PayPal credit and in house payment plans.

I want you to have your dream shoot and products, so, payment plans are a great option! If you’re looking to get your product quickly- then PayPal credit may be the answer! If you are ok with waiting for products, my in house payment plans can be set up as well! 

All About the Experience

When it comes to investment for me and how I spend my money, I care about experience and how something makes me feel the whole way through it. For example, I was searching the internet and found my dream buffet, but it came with a large price tag. I found what I thought was the same thing for a few hundred less, but the company was out of Florida and only local to them. I had to jump through some hoops, hire a 3rd party delivery service and the whole processes was a compete nightmare. It took 3 months to receive my product and not to mention the lack of communication and customer service I received was not even worth saving a few hundred bucks. I was left feeling frustrated, unsure of what was going on and I much would have rather paid the full amount to get a great experience. Lesson learned. So bottom line is, if you’re just looking for a few quick pictures and could care less about the transformation experience, then I am not the photographer for you.

The truth is if you’re looking for a boudoir session, you can go to anyone who does boudoir. What I am offering is a complete life changing experience and the start of a mindset shift. It is ok to release into this. I will be someone to hold your hand, address your concerns, walk you through hesitations and create awareness of the ego along with practical self-care tips. I value you and want you to completely value yourself too. You are worth it.

Are you ready to talk through the complete experience? Schedule a call with me today and let’s start your journey. Looking to see more of my work and inspirational content? Follow my instagram page here.



Investing in Self-Love | Kalamazoo Boudoir

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