West Michigan Boudoir Style Guide

Welcome to the West Michigan Boudoir Style Guide. What is your Boudoir Style? There are many styles to think about and how you want your boudoir session to look. If you have been thinking about a Boudoir Session for yourself and live in the West Michigan area, then this is for you!

Take the Boudoir style QUIZ below to design your authentic Boudoir Shoot! Is your style CALM & SERIOUS, FLIRTY 😘, FIERCE 🔥 or something else? Maybe your style is a fun mix of everything!

With the West Michigan Boudoir Style Guide quiz below, answer just 8 questions to find out about your authentic boudoir style! Plus, I’ll give you wardrobe and makeup tips personalized just for your style type!

This is just meant to be a fun guide for ideas. At Brea Oakes Photography, you will be guided in depth through the whole process once you are ready to start this journey for yourself. My studio is located downtown Kalamazoo, MI and provides gorgeous lighting and windows.

It can be so nerve racking to want to do something like this for yourself but stepping outside of your comfort zone allows you to step into your power. Whatever your reason for beginning this process, my goal is to walk you through everything from start to finish. To check out more of my work and head here or follow along here.

You will find the quiz below. In the comments, tell me which quiz result you got!  I’d love to hear if you think your results are accurate or not. The results may surprise you even. Possibly something never thought of for yourself or your style.

West Michigan Boudoir Style Guide

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