Self Care & Self Love Ideas

We all know about self-care and self love…. or do we? Is there one real way to describe self-care, or does it look different for everyone? One thing I know is that self-care does not mean you’re over-indulging and being selfish. Self-care means you take care of yourself, because how can you fill other’s cups without filling your own, too? Let’s explore what self-care is and some ways to get yourself into a routine that isn’t overwhelming.

Why is Self Care so important?

Self-care is one tool to combat daily stress from work, school, home, and just life in general. It includes things you do on your own for yourself and your health (mental and physical). It can also include checking in with yourself and not just those around you.

Ask yourself questions, “how are you today?” “how can I help you?” First step to self-care! Asking yourself important questions can help you decide where to start with your own self-care. There are different kinds of self-care, and it looks different for everyone.

You might need emotional self-care–you can do this through yoga, your favorite hobby, and simply socializing. You might want to focus on physical self-care by finding a relaxing bed-time routine, adding some exercising to your routine, or finding food that makes you feel good and energized. Lastly, don’t forget about your spiritual self-care. Meditation, community involvement and taking the journey to inner peace will all care for your spiritual mind.

You might want to focus on all these facets, you might choose to focus on one, but regardless you’re making a step in a healthy direction.

What Self Care is not

We’ve talked about what self-care is, but what is it not? Self-care isn’t something you only do when you have the time for it & it’s not meant to act as a reward for a finished task. Self-care should become an integral part of your life and your routine. According to psych central, self-care is an essential component to the prevention of stress and burnout. Not sure where to start? Begin by writing–about anything! Writing in a journal can be such a relief. Writing a letter to yourself about what you need from you. This can help you determine where you’re feeling most deprived in your life and what self-care you want to focus on. Self-care isn’t meant to overwhelm you or be another task on your to-do list, make it enjoyable! There is no right or wrong. Taking care of yourself means you can take care of others. So, let’s get self-caring!

Mindset Shift

Again, Self care if not selfish. Start saying to yourself “You are worth it”, “You can do this”. Small tasks, and tools will eventually lead to a mindset shift in yourself. Once you realize your full potential, the options are endless for you. Self care is actually self love. Self love is the beginning to a beautiful journey.

For more tips and ideas, follow along with me here. I help empower women to become the best versions of themselves through self love boudoir sessions in Kalamazoo, MI . You can also see more of my work here.

Self Care & Self Love Ideas

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