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Self Care is Self Love

As a Kalamazoo boudoir photographer, body image and body positivity is an extremely important topic. I want my boudoir clients to feel confident and I want to help women to encompass a positive body image to ultimately lead to more self-love. Keep reading to dive into the importance of a positive body image and ways you can work towards a positive body image.  

Let’s Talk

Let’s talk about body image. Ugh, who wants to do that, right? I do and so should you! We as women struggle with body image every day, and if you’re a mom like me, it’s not just about us but how we are showing up to those around us, especially our kids. When you’re a mom of young girls it can feel amplified. It’s important for me to use a good example for them. I’m sure many other mamas out there feel this pressure, which is why I want to help others turn the conversation of body image into a positive one.

The bottom line is that how you feel about yourself is the most important thing. It will reflect onto you in the world and onto those most important to you.

I want to give you some ideas on how to retrain your brain and mindset regarding your body and ultimately it will affect your entire life and those who look up to you.

No One is Perfect

The “perfect body image” doesn’t exist! The idea of the perfect body is subjective – not everyone has the same image in mind. By changing your perspective of what is beautiful, you’ll have the ability to feel much more confident in your skin. When you’re not comparing yourself to something or someone, you have more gratitude for your body and all it does for you.

Let’s Get Moving

Moving the body is so powerful! Not only does it help boost your confidence, but it’s also great for your mental health. When I’m in a lousy mood, I always feel so much better once I move that stagnant energy out of my body and spine. BUT don’t be too critical about what type of exercise you’re doing. Take some time each day and move that energy around. Dancing, and yoga are some amazing ways to help make your body and mind feel aligned, and you’ll feel good that you’re taking care of yourself. You don’t need to hit the gym or do cardio, but if that’s what you love doing- then do it!

Ditch Those Negative Thoughts

There are two ways you can look at something. You can either focus on the lack of what you have or focus on the positive of what you want. Whichever end of the spectrum you spend your energy on, will create the same atmosphere back. It’s magnetic. It’s universal law.

 Nourish Your Body

What we put into our bodies really affects us so much. Being conscious of what you’re eating can help you feel better about your body. Not to mention, your body will feel better overall. I am not referring to dieting or losing weight. I am just referring to creating awareness of the things that make you feel great or make you feel sluggish.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

The people around you affect how you feel every day. Distance yourself from people with negative perspectives. Instead, surround yourself with positive people who want to build themselves up, as well as you. Their positivity will encourage and inspire you to be more positive about yourself.

It’s The Little Things

I’m a big believer in doing the small things that make you feel confident. This could be a beauty routine, daily affirmations, taking time out of each day just for yourself, the list goes on and on. Think about what small things you can do to give yourself a confidence boost and make time for them.  

Rest is For The Strong

Lack of sleep can make you feel negative, moody, emotional, and unproductive. These are traits that make you feel lousy. Make sure you’re getting an amount of sleep that makes you feel refreshed. And please remember, rest does not make you lazy! Rest is the ultimate form of self-care.

Importance of Me Time

If you’re going to practice anything on this list- then make sure this is the one. Having quality alone time allows you to refocus your thoughts and renew your energy. There will always be things you could be doing instead of taking time for yourself. Work, social events or being with your family, the list is infinite. But you can’t give your best self to those areas of your life if you don’t feel like your best self. So, give yourself “me time” unapologetically.

When you show your body love, you’re showing yourself love. And it’s so essential that you love and feel confident in the skin you’re in. Make efforts to love yourself every day, and you’ll experience a happier you and life.

If you’re ready to consider giving yourself some me time, along with a boost of confidence, click here to contact me about your own boudoir session. To see more inspirational content and images check out my instagram page!

Transform Your Body Image | Kalamazoo Boudoir

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