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As a Kalamazoo Boudoir Photographer, there is a deeper experience behind my boudoir sessions. Here is Ms. C’s story.

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A Self-Love Journey

Boudoir isn’t only about the beautiful images and lingerie. Boudoir is about the journey to self-love and confidence. It’s about gaining confidence and loving yourself enough to treat yourself kindly. Boudoir is essentially about doing something for YOU… just because. Ms. C, a photo-videographer and artist, stumbled across boudoir and it inspired her. She decided it was time to get her own beautiful images as a gift for her husband and herself. Little did Ms. C know, she just entered the beginning of a journey and she would get much more out of the experience than breath taking images.

Spooky Elegance

Ms. C prepared for her boudoir session with feelings of ease and excitement. She was thinking about the dark and shadowy elements that she wanted to come out in her images. She was imagining her favorite part of her body, her curves, in the photos and how beautiful it will look. Ms. C came into her session worry free and ready to bring both spooky and elegant. With her choice of music, The Kundalini Genie, how could she not get exactly what she was looking for. But Ms. C got more than what she was looking for from her boudoir experience.

Boudoir and More

Ms. C’s session encompassed all the things she was looking for allowing her to fully immerse herself in the experience and have a genuine self-care experience. She left with not only gorgeous photos for herself but a sense of confidence and self-love. She began a journey through her session, and it will continue as she looks back on her images, remembers her experience, and reminds herself to treat her mind and body kindly. This is what Boudoir is about – inspiring a journey to self-love, encouraging women to treat themselves with kindness and helping women gain the confidence they deserve.

Catching Up With Ms. C

My goal is for clients to walk away feeling happy, confident and ready to amp up the self-love. I love hearing from my clients after our session to see how they felt about their session and how it has translated into their life since the session. This is what Ms. C had to say: “Brea is incredibly fun to work with! She took photos of me that were so good I could barely recognize myself! and of course my guy was very happy with the final photos. 🙂 She is super sweet and kind, I am going to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a badass boudoir photoshoot. She is the woman to go to if you’re looking for an easy and stress-fee booking process, and without a doubt you’ll get photos that make you feel SO confident!”

If you’re interested in a boudoir session and starting your own journey to self-love head over to my website to see more of my work and find out the next steps your your very own boudoir session! If you’re ready to chat click here to contact me. Lastly, for more inspiring content and boudoir follow my instagram page here!

Ms. C’s Boudoir Session | Kalamazoo Photographer

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