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Body image and body positivity is an extremely important topic. I want my clients to feel confident and encompass a positive body image to ultimately lead to more self-love.

Transform Your Body Image | Kalamazoo Boudoir

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Get Your ‘Shift’ Together Loving yourself and your body is so important for your mental health and your self-love journey. Falling into a negative mindset happens easier than you might think, and before you know it you’re digging yourself out of a hole of negative self-talk. As a Kalamazoo Boudoir photographer, I take it upon […]

Journey to a Positive Mindset | Kalamazoo Boudoir

As a Kalamazoo Boudoir Photographer, there is a deeper experience behind my boudoir sessions. Here is Ms. C’s story. A Self-Love Journey Boudoir isn’t only about the beautiful images and lingerie. Boudoir is about the journey to self-love and confidence. It’s about gaining confidence and loving yourself enough to treat yourself kindly. Boudoir is essentially […]

Ms. C’s Boudoir Session | Kalamazoo Photographer

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Ms. J wanted to treat herself in a unique way. She recognized the need for self-care which brought her to booking her boudoir session.

Ms. J Boudoir Session | Kalamazoo Boudoir

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5 Tips to Help Prepare You For Your Boudoir Session, leaving you Inspired and Excited for your session.

5 Tips to Help Prepare You For Your Boudoir Session

What is your Boudoir Style? Thinking about a Boudoir session in the West Michigan Area? Take this quiz to design your authentic boudoir shoot!

West Michigan Boudoir Style Guide

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We all know about self-care and self love…. or do we? Is there one real way to describe self-care, or does it look different for everyone? One thing I know is that self-care does not mean you’re over-indulging and being selfish. Self-care means you take care of yourself, because how can you fill other’s cups […]

Self Care & Self Love Ideas

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The Casto Family In Home Session was laid back, cozy and absolutely perfect. We were able to capture the sweetest memories and the relaxed vibe they were looking for.

Casto Family | Kalamazoo Photographer

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This 1 year old milestone session celebrated the cutest curly locks and adorable smiles with the cutest theme.

1 Year Old Session | Kalamazoo Photographer

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As a Kalamazoo Senior Photographer, I love capturing the true essence and personality true to each senior. Nelly’s session was that and more.

Nelly Senior Session | Kalamazoo Senior Photographer

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