Why Hire Me As Your Family Photographer?

You may think when looking to hire a family photographer, ” I just need a couple photos”, “These photos are just for me”, “There’s no way my family will capture beautiful candid moments, my kids are to crazy”. Finding a photographer is more than the images itself- it is about the experience and connection. When you find that perfect photographer that you connect with- then those photos and images you receive just mean so much more.

There is usually a lot of thoughts that go into finding a photographer and these above are some of the main ones I get questions and hesitations on. Do these thoughts above sound familiar to you?  If this your way of thinking or you’ve caught yourself saying some of these things and it has stopped you from scheduling a session- let me break down these thoughts for you. Now I am not here to bash but these thoughts and way of thinking can keep you from missing out on an awesome experience.

Now first let me say, my photos I capture are meant to evoke emotion.  From the way you look at your kids with such love to the the innocence and imagination in their eyes, the way your husband gazes at you while being in a moment with your children, the laughter and smile your kids have because they are having so much fun running and spinning around or being silly, and even capturing the beautiful spirit of someone who is no longer with us in the physical form.  These are the moments I want to bottle up for you. 

A session with me does not need to have perfect planning, perfect smiles and kids who are robots.  I will not pose you and wait till everyone looks and says Cheese. That is not my style. I am the one that will let your kids personalities run the session, let them be crazy or sad or excited in our session. I will help guide you to capture the real and raw moments. Every family is capable of those beautiful Pinterest worthy candid moments you are always pinning.  Every family is perfectly imperfect.  And you may think these photos are for you and you only need a couple- but let me tell you that this is not true. These photos are for your kids too. To remember their childhood, to remember YOU.

kids running down a field

My favorite thing from my childhood are the old photos. Most of my favorites are those captured when I had no idea my photo was being taken.  I do not even remember being in that moment of doing whatever I was doing. I was too young in some of them.  But I can tell you that they make me so happy to go through them.  Its a glimpse into the moment of what my childhood was like, what my parents were like as young parents, my relationship with my siblings and seeing people who are no longer around to this day.  There was no planning that went into this. Back then- nothing was digital so you had a roll of film in your camera that you dropped off at the lab to get printed. You had no idea what was going to be captured until you got it back. This was the beauty in it. You enjoyed taking the picture in the moment and then enjoyed going through them as you got that envelope back from the lab.

This is what I promise a session with me will be like.  In the moment, having fun, laughing and having conversation together, being silly with your kids, all while I capture away.  I want to be more than just a photographer who captures your images. I want to create a connection beyond the camera by being a friend, someone you trust, someone who can help you see the beauty in something unordinary. I do not want it to feel stressful or to ever feel like “work” because as busy and crazy as everything else is in life- this should not be. I will guide you on being yourselves and create a comfortable enjoyable experience.

Family playing and laughing outside

There is so much that goes into your session on my end. This is not just about snapping photos and throwing them into an online gallery for me. This is so much more. This is my passion! I love the moments and glimpses into a family life. Having kids of my own has me appreciating all the little details and I want to show you that too. I want to evoke the same happy emotions that I get to feel as I look back on my photos from my childhood or back through photos with my kids.  It’s all about feelings.  I love being able to provide this awesome service and experience for you that will leave a blueprint in your family for years to come! 

Your kids will thank you and treasure these some day. Trust me on that. They don’t care about how you perfectly tried to plan out a photo session for them- they will care that you got the photos taken and the detailed real moments that were captured. So that is where I come in- Trust when you hire me to document your family session, I will always have your best interests at heart.

Learn more about me and my philosophy here.

Family laughing and smiling at each other

Why Hire Me As Your Family Photographer?

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