Studio Newborn Sessions

One of the sweetest sessions to capture are newborn sessions. I offer different types of newborn sessions (lifestyle and studio) and for the Lancaster Family, they wanted the studio session.

Newborn Session Background

Newborn Sessions are best done within the first 2-3 weeks of life. For in studio sessions with more posed photos of baby- I recommend sticking within the 5-10 day window as babies are easier to work with and are more sleepy through this stage. Newborn Lifestyle Sessions are more flexible and can be done anywhere within those first 3 weeks. They are done in the comfort of your own home and are meant to showcase the love and connection as a family unit with some extra focus on your little one. 

Amelia’s Newborn Session

Amelia was the sleepiest and easiest baby to work with and was only awake for a short period of time. Just enough to capture some awake photos.

We started off on my newborn pillow proper and then moved on to use some wraps and props. I like to have baby sleepy when they first get to me, so I can start them off on the newborn proper. It does not always happen like this and that is fine. Sometimes I will start with family photos first! Most of the focus with these newborn sessions are 80% baby and the other 20% family focused. I always go with the flow of the newborn and if they need some extra comfort and cuddles, we will work with that to make them comfy and cozy.

Please let me add that these poses are not always what it seems. They take extra precaution and require safety of the newborn so please make sure you hire someone you trust. These photos are often composites and unless they are secure in something, hands are usually on baby at all times.

Here are some sweet photos of Amelia and the Lancaster family for you to enjoy.

To learn more about my newborn sessions, please ready more info here. To directly contact me and set something up, please head here.

Studio Newborn Sessions

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