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Kalamazoo Family of four snuggling up on the bed together

As a Kalamazoo Family Photographer, In home sessions just melt my heart. The Beery Family in home session did not disappoint. Laura booked with me earlier in the year knowing she wanted to capture some special memories of their new home and their new addition, Aria. Their Family connection and these memories captured will always be something that they can treasure. It will make for some great wall art too!

In home Session Process

When I do an in home session, my goal is to create comfort. It can be a little nerve racking letting a stranger into your house to photograph your private and intimate moments. Being worried about how the kids will act and whether we can get genuine photos may also be something you think about. I start off by connecting with the kids first. My style is pretty laid back and we go with the flow. Sometimes I lead and sometimes I led the children lead. This is where the magic happens. Children get to be children and its amazing how much they open to me. I am a Mom to littles myself so I get it.

Henry opened right up to me. We played around a bit, he showed me his trains and cars and I got to photograph him in his element. Happy as can be.

boy playing with toy car

My aim is to capture the true connection and life as it is. The Moments are fleeting but photography is forever. I want to capture the small details so they are always remembered. Those small fingers and toes will never be as small as they are in this moment. These are some of my favorite things to capture. They tug on my Mama heart strings.

Post In Home Session

I was able to do the gallery reveal over zoom with Laura. This is my favorite part. Showing the photos in a slideshow for the first time. The gallery brought Laura to happy tears. She was so thankful for the intimate and genuine moments captured. She admitted she was on the fence about an in home photo session but in the end, she was so glad she did it.

Check out some more photos below of this heartwarming session. If you are wanting to capture some sweet moments at home but are on the fence, send me a message here and lets chat! For more about me and my process, please check me out here. I am a Kalamazoo Family Photographer serving all of West Michigan. I would love to create some heartwarming images for your family to treasure always.

Beery In Home Session | Kalamazoo Family Photographer

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