Family Photo Session Myths Debunked

Considering a Family photo session but have some thoughts holding you back? I am here to go over and debunk the most common myths I hear as a Family Photographer.

1- My kids and or husband wont cooperate.

First let me say- I am a Mom- I get it. The crazy kids, the husband who doesn’t want photos. My approach is NOT about making you sit there with forced poses and forced smiles making it miserable for everyone. Lifestyle photography is about capturing natural and relaxed images. Everyone has candid interactions that occur everyday and those are the images I love to capture. This session is done wherever and whenever. It is meant to showcase your true connection and just being in the moment. We hang out, play, be silly and most of all- have fun! I will help guide you to do certain things through fun prompts. Most of my clients feel we just hung out rather than got their photos taken. They can say they genuinely had fun!

2- My kids wont last a full session.

Parents think- lets get this over as soon as possible and they are already setting the energy for the session. Kids feed of that negativity and pressure. While I do understand the initial way of thinking, its actually the opposite! I photograph a variety of children and families. Active, shy, energetic and strong willed children need more time to loosen up and be themselves. They need to play, explore and warm up to stranger who is hanging out with their family for a while.

So that is where I come in! I keep your child engaged and happy. I understand the shyness, meltdowns and behavior that can happen during a session and I let kids lead the way. I’ll play games, be silly and get them to feel comfortable enough to open up and just be themselves. Most of the time, they just need more time to relax. The best photos are never usually within the first 10 minutes or so.

3- I feel Self-conscious and do not want to be in the photos.

Lets chat about areas you feel self-conscious about and I will be very sensitive to those. But let me also say that your children and family just want you in the photos. They do not judge you and neither do I. These photos are not for me so you don’t need impress or worry about being self-conscious in front of me. We are all human beings and everyone fights a battle- just know you are not alone. My job is to help you feel comfortable and beautiful in your photos. So if there is a better side you want me to catch or you want me to edit out a stress pimple- I can totally do that! But I promise- your kids think your perfect and that should be what matters most. These photos are for them someday and they just want you in them. They want to remember what their Mom looked like, how she gazed at them and played with them. The connection that you can showcase for them is one of the best treasures for them. Give them something to look back on in years to come and something they can pass on to their kids someday as well. Do it for the bigger picture!

4- We are just so busy, we don’t have time.

I get it. We are all busy and have a busy mindset. Take the time to schedule out and plan ahead. Want a certain season to be photographed in? Summer? Fall? Then plan ahead and schedule early! Stores are always setting up ahead for the next season so do the same and just plan ahead. Set a date in the calendar. I will help prepare you for the session so you feel absolutely ready! Schedule something just as you would schedule time for going to the grocery store or taking your child to their sports practice. You only need about an hour to capture memories that last forever!

If your waiting until theres a perfect time, that time will never come. If you continue to wait, you may miss out on catching some of the best moments. The time is now.

To learn more on my shooting style and philosophy- check it out here! To view more of my work, please head here.

Family Photo Session Myths Debunked

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