5 Tips to Help Prepare You For Your Boudoir Session

Here are 5 Tips to Help Prepare You For Your Boudoir Session that you may not have thought of.

1) Female Infradian Rhythm

Just like circadian rhythm — our body’s 24-hour internal clock — women have an additional cycle called Infradian Rhythm which relates to women’s menstrual cycles. Why is this important? This affects our brains, metabolism, immune system, and stress response just to name a few. There are 4 phases to our Infradian rhythm which I wont get into much detail on. To learn more about the specific phases, you can check it out here.

As women, we don’t feel at our best during the menstral phase. Besides the obvious reason on why we should avoid a boudoir session during that phase, there is also the issue of feeling bloated, moody, and just downright tired. For me, this would not be an ideal time to try to feel sexy and confident for my boudoir shoot.

Aim to do a session during your ovulation phase. This is the time where women really become magnetic and have the most energy, heightened communication, and usually feel the best!

It’s so important to feel good when coming into your session and this is one way to help ensure you get the best possible experience! 

2) Your Questionnaire

Once you book your session, I will send you over a questionnaire. This is for YOUR benefit! Filling out the questionnaire as detailed as possible allows me to best understand the kind of experience you want. Then I can deliver that! It helps me get to know you more as a person, what you love and don’t love about yourself. All of this information helps me suggest wardrobes for your body type and figure out what sets will emphasize your favorite parts about yourself. It helps me prepare you to feel your absolute best. You just have to fill it out honestly and full heartedly. You essentially get to control how you want your session to feel! This day is all about YOU and your journey to self-love. 

3) Join My VIP Boudoir Facebook Group

Yes, the experience continues! This Group of women is a private, closed group that consists of current, past, and future boudoir clients. It acts as a safe space for you to ask questions, share inspiration, collaborate and bond with other women who are just like you. The only ask is that you bring your very best attitude to lean into the atmosphere of lifting other women up and having a great time. It’s not only about Boudoir but just being the best versions of ourselves, finding our purpose and enjoying the life energy. I often share things from my own self love journey as well. You can join the group here!

4) Have a Fashion Show for Yourself 

I suggest picking 5-6 different outfits for your session and bringing them to the studio. From there, we will pick 3-4 to use in our session. It’s always good to have more options. Weeks before you session, model your outfits! Have a fun try on session to decide what outfits you love the most! Put on some music, pour a glass of wine, and look in the mirror! What is going to make you feel the most beautiful and the most YOU? If you are still unsure of something, bring it anyways and I will walk you through choosing! 

5) Don’t Stress About Posing 

Posing can feel stressful when going into a boudoir session. Don’t stress! I’ve got you completely covered in that department. I know all the tricks to create the most flattering angles for you no matter what shape or size you are. I recommend trying a few poses in the mirror at home before your session while modeling your outfits. What makes you feel confident? Powerful? It’s all about you and how you feel.

When its time for your session, I walk you through posing by showing you the poses firsthand. My goal is to guide you into the most flattering position no matter what your body type.

Next Steps

I hope these 5 tips leave you feeling a little more prepared! My goal is to walk you through the entire experience leaving you without a shadow of a doubt that this session will only empower and inspire you. You will also receive a series of emails before your session with more tips and tricks to further prep you!

My studio is located in Kalamazoo, MI and I serve the West Michigan and surrounding areas. If you are interested in learning more about if a boudoir session is right for you or have any questions, please set up a consult call with me here. I look forward to chatting more about your vision!

5 Tips to Help Prepare You For Your Boudoir Session

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