1 Year Old Session | Kalamazoo Photographer

This 1 year old milestone session celebrated the cutest curly locks and adorable smiles. Pierson and his Mama came into the studio for a photo session and made it such a breeze to do my job.

Mom and 1 year old son looking at each other smiling
mom and one year old son holding each other

Pierson had his birthday party a week before our session and his theme was adorable. Mom’s love for music and ideas came through to his theme. From cute signs to a crown and a blow up boom box. This 1 year old milestone session was a session to remember.

birthday theme set up with boom box, signs and crown
1 year old boy in chair holding sign and smiling

1 year old Milestone sessions are not only important to capture, but they are important to preserve. What good are the images we have if we do not preserve them into some sort of tangible product for our kids to have someday? The digital images we are all used to are not preserving. Digital files will be inaccessible someday so what is the point of having them if we aren’t going to use them?

I love helping busy families preserve their legacy to pass down to their children someday. Some of my most treasured items from my childhood are the photos preserved in an album. They show the joy of my childhood and the relationship with my parents. These are love letters from my childhood and I couldn’t imagine not having them.

Mom feels the same way. She treasures the photos she has left of her childhood and wanted to purchase an album for Pierson to have someday. What an amazing gift Pierson will have to show his children someday and their children. Their legacy will live on.

Picture of archival album from milestone session

My goal as a Kalamazoo Photographer

As a busy Mom myself, I know how precious time can be. This is why I create the art for my families so they can get back to focusing on themselves and the kids. I hand design everything to ensure a legacy is kept in the best way possible. My heart behind this is to really feel the happiness and joy that you get from looking at your art. You do not get this same feeling when you look at your screen full of photos.

If you are interested in learning more about my services, please visit me here. I would be happy to help preserve your family legacy and create some art for your heart and your home. Stay up to date and head over to Instagram to give me a follow here or at Facebook here.

1 Year Old Session | Kalamazoo Photographer

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